Friday, 4 September 2015

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering : GATE Previous Year Papers

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering
GATE-Previous Year Papers
GATE Solved Papers I GATE Previous year Papers I GATE Last 5 years Papers I GATE Model Papers I GATE Exam Papers I GATE Examination Conducts Every year For The Admission in M.Tech Course in Various IIT's And Other M.Tech Colleges I Download GATE previous year papers Through Official Website online.
  1. Aerospace Engineering (AE) Papers 
  2. Agricultural Engineering (AG) Papers
  3. Architecture and Planning (AR) Papers
  4. Biotechnology (BT) Papers
  5. Civil Engineering (CE) Papers
  6. Chemical Engineering (CH) Papers
  7. Computer Sc. and Information Technology(CS) Papers
  8. Chemistry (CY) Papers   
  9. Electronics and Communication Engg.(EC) Papers
  10. Electrical Engineering (EE) Papers
  11. Ecology and Evolution (EY) Papers
  12. Geology and Geophysics (GG) Papers
  13. Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Papers
  14. Mathematics (MA) Papers
  15. Mechanical Engineering (ME) Papers
  16. Mining Engineering (MN) Papers
  17. Metallurgical Engineering(MT) Papers
  18. Petroleum Engineering (PE) Papers
  19. Physics (PH) Papers   
  20. Production and Industrial Engineering (PI) Papers
  21. Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF) Papers
  22. Engineering Mathematics (XE -A) Papers
  23. Fluid Mechanics (XE-B) Papers
  24. Materials Science (XE-C) Papers
  25. Solid Mechanics (XE-D) Papers
  26. Thermodynamics(XE-E) Papers
  27. Polymer Science and Engineering (XE-F) Papers
  28. Food Technology (XE – G) Papers
  29. Chemistry (XL – H) Papers
  30. Biochemistry (XL-I)Papers
  31. Botany (XL-J) Papers
  32. Microbiology (XL – K) Papers
  33. Zoology (XL – L) Papers
  34. General Aptitude (GA) Papers ( Common in All Papers) 


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